Metal Building Consulting

Pre-engineered metal buildings have quickly become the pre-eminent form of low-rise, non-residential construction in the United States. For business owners, the cost benefits, quick turnaround time and flexible design options of metal construction make it an obvious choice for a variety of applications, including manufacturing, storage and more. In fact, nowadays more people are working, eating, shopping and sleeping in pre-engineered metal buildings than ever before.

How Rose Metal Systems Can Help You

Since 1995 Rose Metal Systems has been one of the leading metal building consultants in Harrisburg, York and throughout Central PA. Headquartered in Carlisle, we offer a full range of consulting services including help with design, installation and renovation. We believe strongly in working with our customers to create customized solutions - in other words, you won't find any cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all designs here!

Flexible and Forward-Thinking Designs

What is your expansion plan and exit strategy? At RMS we are always thinking about the future and that means designing your building for today’s needs with tomorrow in mind. We’ll discuss expandable end frames, warranties, standing seam roofs and your future exit strategy. Eventually, you may want to sell or lease your building to another user. Optimizing for the future means you’ll get the highest possible value moving forward.

Environmentally Friendly Metal Building Design Consultation

You may not associate metal building with "green" technology, but the fact is RMS can help you implement design features that cut your utility usage while retaining the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of pre-engineered metal construction. From "cool" roofs to ultra-efficient insulation, we can design or retrofit your metal building for maximum energy conservation. We're also a Nucor authorized builder and erector - the largest steel recycler in the country, Nucor offers metal building products made from an average of 80% recycled materials.

Central PA's Metal Building Consultants

Whether you're erecting a new construction or retrofitting, repairing or restoring an older building, RMS will meet all your metal building consultation needs. We've been the metal building experts for almost 20 years - contact us today by phone, email or in person and find out why our designs have stood the test of time!

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