Carlisle Army Barracks Golf Course Maintenance Building

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Maintenance Facility Metal Building Contractor

Metal buildings are a great solution for companies in various industries in need of a cost-effective maintenance facility in central Pennsylvania. Many businesses have benefited from the rugged, reliable qualities of pre-engineered metal. 


Project Specifications

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsAt Rose Metal Buildings, we offer single-source services for designing, supplying and erecting metal building projects in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Our staff will tailor a design to your business’s needs or bring your existing design to life. We’ve completed projects for clients in multiple industries, including this state-of-the-art storage facility in central Pennsylvania.

  • Project name: Carlisle Army Barracks Golf Course Maintenance Building 
  • Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  • Project type: Erect and furnish
  • Project size: 7,218 square feet


Materials Used

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRose Metal Buildings uses high-quality pre-engineered metals that are easy to clean and maintain with little need for repairs. For the Carlisle Army Barracks Golf Course’s maintenance building, we achieved a long-lasting build featuring the following materials: 

  • Standing seam roof 
  • Exposed fastener wall system
  • Exposed fastener liner system
  • Roof curbs (7)

Project Highlights

At Rose Metal Buildings, we coordinate with our clients to implement features that address their specific needs. This approach allows businesses to improve their operations the moment they set foot in their new building. To house and protect the client’s equipment and vehicles, we outfitted the Carlisle Army Barracks Golf Course maintenance center with some of the following design choices:

  • Boxed out canopy system for extra vehicle storage measuring 10 feet wide by 3 feet high and 22-feet-8-inches long.
  • Integrated metal wall system installed above 3-foot-4-inch masonry wall for optimal equipment protection. 


Building Use

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRose Metal Buildings will follow any client’s design standards to construct metal buildings that enhance their operations. Pre-engineered metals allow contractors to quickly erect cost-effective, long-lasting structures that help businesses efficiently protect and store their machinery. Carlisle Barracks Golf Course needed a facility to house their maintenance equipment and vehicles. 

To satisfy the Carlisle Barracks Golf Course’s storage needs, we erected and furnished two separate buildings — one maintenance facility and one open-face covered storage building. 

  • Maintenance facility: A 53-foot-4-inch by 117-foot-4-inch building with 16-foot eave height. Features a triangular gabled symmetrical roof with a 1:12 roof slope and a skirt wall on all four sides. 
  • Covered storage building: A 16-foot-wide, 60-foot-long exterior garage with 8-foot eaves that sits atop a 4-foot by 8-foot concrete retaining wall. Features a single-sloped 1:12 roof.


Work With Rose Metal Systems

Pre-engineered metal is ideal for warehouses, storage facilities, office spaces and numerous other purposes for businesses in nearly any industry. Clients like the Carlisle Army Barracks Golf Course contract or subcontract the Rose Metal Buildings crew for affordable single-source metal building services. Work with an organization that can complete your build from design conception to furnishing for close attention to detail from a contractor that knows your project and business. 

At Rose Metal Buildings, we design, furnish and erect metal buildings with efficiency and performance in mind. Our skilled team will erect any design in a timely fashion. Work with us to benefit from a one-year workmanship warranty covering any installation-related repairs. To get started, contact our team today!