Warehouse Facility Metal Building Contractor

Metal buildings are an excellent choice for companies interested in a fully customizable, cost-effective facility that is easy to repair and maintain. Design and erect your warehouse facility with dependable metal building contractors in Carlisle. At Rose Metal Buildings, we design, furnish and erect warehouses and other metal building projects in Carlisle and throughout Pennsylvania and New York. 


Project Specifications

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRose Metal Buildings will coordinate with you to design a new warehouse from the ground up or to bring your existing design to life at a competitive rate. With years of experience erecting buildings for businesses in multiple industries, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to produce great results like this shipping facility for FedEx. 

  • Project name: FedEx
  • Location: Horseheads, New York
  • Project type: Erect
  • Project size: 150,559 square feet


Materials Used

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRose Metal Buildings uses the finest materials and products to erect buildings guaranteed to last with minimal repairs and maintenance. This New York FedEx facility features the following materials: 

  • Standing seam roof: Durable, weatherproof roofing with concealed fasteners and vertical legs.
  • Exposed fastener wall system: Easily replaceable textured wall panels. 
  • Bar joists: Durable steel truss supports. 


Project Highlights

At Rose Metal Buildings, we coordinate with businesses to implement design features that meet their specific needs. Our team included the following components to build a functional warehouse for this FedEx branch:

  • 481-foot by 5-foot projection below eave canopy 
  • (3) Passage doors
  • (43) OHD framed openings
  • (14) 3070 door framed openings
  • (16) window framed openings
  • (20) louver framed openings


Building Use

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRose Metal Buildings is proud to work directly with our clients to design, furnish and erect metal warehouse buildings that fulfill their exact needs. For this project, FedEx was interested in constructing a ground facility that could support their warehousing and distribution needs. The client needed ample floor space combined with numerous overhead door framed openings to accommodate high volumes of delivery trucks efficiently. 

Our Work

To accommodate FedEx’s warehousing needs, Rose Metal Buildings erected a 260-foot-4-inch by 578-foot-4-inch facility with an eave height of 26 feet. The symmetrical roof features a 1/2:12, slope. 


Contract Rose Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are ideal for businesses in any industry looking for a reliable, cost-effective warehousing, distribution or office solution. Pre-engineered metal panels are easy to clean and maintain, and they offer excellent resistance against fading, discoloration and corrosion. Both installation and replacement are fast and easy, especially with the assistance of a qualified contractor. 

At Rose Metal Buildings, we supply, erect, and renovate metal warehouses at a competitive price. Our knowledgeable, experienced crew works with clients to design buildings specifically tailored to help companies improve their operations. Rose Metal Buildings is a single-source designer and builder, which allows us to guarantee faster erections with compatible materials and affordable labor. Work with us for a one-year warranty covering repairs for any installation-related issue.

To start brainstorming a warehouse that fulfills your needs or to bring your existing design to life, contact us today!