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Companies across multiple industries can use metal buildings for additional storage, office and warehouse space. As a single-source metal building contractor, we take projects, like landscaping facilities, from conception to completion to provide the best results for our clients. 


Project Specifications

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsHummel’s Landscaping from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, contracted our crew to construct a new addition to their existing building featuring three separate structures to accommodate the evolving needs of their growing business. 

  • Project name: Hummel’s Landscaping
  • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Project type: Design, erect and furnish
  • Project size: 13,758 square feet


Materials Used

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRose Metal Buildings uses the finest materials to design and construct durable buildings that require minimal maintenance. For the Hummel’s Landscaping add-on project, our crew used the following materials:

  • Standing seam roof: Affordable, durable roofing with vertical seams that manages any weather condition. 
  • Exposed fastener wall system: Allows for easy panel replacement in the event of damage. 


Project Highlights

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsAt Rose Metal Buildings, we account for our clients’ exact needs to develop designs and erect structures that enhance their operations. For this project with Hummel’s Landscaping, we included the following features to improve equipment storage space and mobility:

  • Partition walls between each new structure
  • 20-foot-wide by 126-foot-long mezzanine
  • 1-foot-6-inch roof extensions 


Building Use

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsFor the greatest return on your investment, it’s important to contact a company that will tailor a metal building that meets your business’s exact needs. For this project, we coordinated with the Hummel’s Landscaping management team to design add-on structures that would fulfill specific purposes. This client needed additional office and warehouse space to house their growing fleet and staff. 

To meet those needs, our designers drafted a 13,758-square-foot three-part design. The design expanded on their existing building with separate spaces that serve different purposes, which our installation crew erected and furnished. 

  • Warehouse: A 60-foot-wide, 126-foot-long structure with a gabled symmetrical roof featuring a 3:12 slope and 24-foot eave height. 
  • Connector: A shorter, wider structure at 60 feet by 24-feet-2-inches and a lower 20-foot eave height. Features single-sloped roof at a 3:12 gradient. 
  • Lean-to: A narrower 34-foot structure running 125 feet long with an eave height of 15-feet-6-inches and a single-sloped 3:12 roof. 


Contract Rose Metal Buildings for Your Next Project

Choosing a pre-engineered metal structure for additional storage, warehouse or office space is a cost-effective way for companies in nearly any industry to expand their operations. Metal buildings are easy to install, maintain and repair, presenting an efficient solution for growing organizations. 

At Rose Metal Buildings, we design, supply, erect, and renovate pre-engineered metal buildings in central Pennsylvania and beyond. With over two decades of experience servicing clients in multiple industries, our entire team has the knowledge and capabilities to complete metal building projects and jobs for businesses in commercial, manufacturing, landscaping and agricultural industries. 

To learn more about our services, discuss our one-year workmanship warranty or schedule service, contact Rose Metal Buildings today.  

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