Thornton Automotive


Thornton Automotive

At Rose Metal Buildings, we work with clients from a range of industries to provide durable and cost-effective building solutions. When Thornton Automotive chose to work with us, we collaborated with their team to create a building that met their operational needs. Take a closer look at the project and our capabilities.


Project Specifications

Thornton Automotive is a car dealership with locations throughout Pennsylvania. They approached us to erect their project located in Dover. This building needed to fulfill the same purpose as their other locations with large storage space for cars and trucks, a show room and a repair shop in the back. They presented us with a design, and we were able to erect an automotive building that is 26,388 square feet.

Materials Used

At Rose Metal Buildings, we use the highest-grade materials to create a durable final product that requires minimal maintenance. For the Thornton Automotive project, our crew used:

  • A 24-gauge standing seam roof system
  • A 26-gauge RPR wall system for a cost-effective and durable build.


Project Highlights

We also integrated a full-height liner panel for added durability along with metal for the wall and roof systems. Liner panels are an excellent addition to buildings that need to withstand heavy machinery use or high activity levels.

Building Use

When you work with a company for your building project, they need to understand your unique needs. When Thornton Automotive approached us, we discussed their design and intentions to meet their operational requirements. Their facility needed to act as a storage space for cars, so we took care to use materials and techniques that would be useful for that purpose.

This erect project turned into a 26,388 square-foot project with these dimensions:

  •                                                                                                                                                              77 feet wide
  •                             188 feet long
  •                                                                    20-foot low eave height, single slope

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