Trindle Self Storage Facility

Design, Furnish, Erect

Trindle Self Storage Facility

At Rose Metal Buildings, we help all kinds of clients establish the buildings they need for their businesses. Take a look at our work with Trindle Self Storage.


Project Specifications

Trindle Self Storage reached out to us for a building project at their Pennsylvania storage facility. They needed us to create a small building separate from its storage area to act as a storefront to their self-storage location. The job was a design, furnish and erect project, and we set up a 1,500 square-foot facility for them on their property in Carlisle.

Materials Used

We consider the most cost-effective yet durable materials for every project.

We also used a standing seam roof system on the Trindle Self Storage storefront to keep their building safe and dry during the various Central PA seasons.


Project Highlights

Since this building project needed to act as a storefront, attractiveness was a must. While many metal panels we use for walls offer color choices and a clean look, Trindle Self Storage wanted a building that stood out from their metal storage facilities.

A project highlight for this job is the use of stucco and stone veneer. While we relied on durable, cost-effective metal to form the walls of the building, the facade gives it a classic look that identifies this building as the Trindle Self Storage storefront.


Building Use

Trindle Self Storage wanted this storefront to be a standalone building, separate from their storage units. It needed to accommodate office supplies, a few employees and customers at any given time. The building also needed to look clean and professional to represent the Trindle brand.

At Rose Metal Buildings, we collaborate with our clients every step of the way. We took time to understand Trindle Self Storage’s needs to deliver an attractive storefront with all the functionality it required.

The complete design, furnish and erect project ended with a 30-foot by 50-foot storefront just outside the company’s storage facilities.


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