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A fast-paced news station must keep up with industry standards — and that includes a high-quality building. When you subcontract with Rose Metal Buildings as your news station building erector, you can trust your metal structure will be optimized for long-lasting use and durability within your budget.

Our diversified experience in news station metal building erection makes us a trustworthy contracting choice for non-residential industries. Our work with WHTM/ABC27 is a prime example of one of the many metal structure erection projects we’ve completed.

Project Specifications

We recently performed a furnishing and erection project at WHTM/ABC27, a news station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Through this project, the technicians at Rose Metal Buildings assembled a 7,326-square-foot facility featuring two separate newsrooms. These individual metal buildings measure as follows:

  • Building one: 76 feet and 8 inches wide by 29 feet and 4 inches long by 19 feet and 8 inches low eave height
  • Building two: 68 feet wide by 74 feet and 8 inches long by 19 feet and 8 inches low eave height



Materials Used

At Rose Metal Buildings, we use only the highest quality materials that set the standard for lasting performance and durability — our WHTM/ABC27 building project is no exception. 

We constructed the news station’s two structures using heavy embossed insulated metal panels. This type of metal paneling projects a flat profile with a distinctive stucco texture designed for shallow wall relief. Heavy embossed paneling features a weather-tight double tongue and groove with a clean, visually appealing masonry-like exterior.

Project Highlights

Our team of technicians is always going above and beyond to implement premium/exceptional/high-grade features into our metal buildings. That’s why we gave the WHTM/ABC27 buildings a 2-foot eave extension and standing seam roof to provide the station with a durable, weather-tight roofing solution.

Building Use

The purpose of the WHTM/ABC27 project was to provide the client with a high-quality news station building built for toughness and longevity. The Rose Metal Buildings team delivered by furnishing and erecting a 7,326-square-foot metal facility featuring two separate newsrooms for individualized use. These newsrooms now act as a hub for WHTM/ABC27 associates and journalists to create content for publication and broadcast.

Our cost-effective package included primary and secondary steel materials, wall and roof sheeting, and an efficient insulation system for the metal newsrooms. We also implemented five wall framed openings and eight roof framed openings with curbs well-suited for non-residential spaces.

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