York County Ash Recycling Facility


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Every recycling facility needs to have a durable and long-lasting building optimized to fit their specific needs. Working with Rose Metal Buildings as your recycling facility’s metal building contractor helps ensure your steel recycling buildings are erected to your exact specifications with high-quality materials and innovative features.

At Rose Metal Buildings, our team of technicians has the knowledge and resources needed to erect metal buildings for any non-residential industry. Past recycling metal building endeavors we’ve taken on, such as our recent York County Ash Recycling Facility project, are excellent examples of our experience and skill.

Project Specifications

RMB - Rose Metal BuildingsRMB - Rose Metal Buildings

The York County Ash Recycling Facility project included providing erection services to the York County Solid Waste Authority, an organization specializing in waste management. This facility, located in York, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to simple waste disposal techniques that promote environmental sustainability, including waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


We served this client by erecting a steel recycling facility geared toward their specific needs. This structure measures 73,820 square feet and accounts for six separate buildings with the following specifications:

  • Processing area: 160 feet wide by 201 feet and 8 inches long by 38 feet eave height
  • Ash storage: 160 feet wide by 118 feet and 4 inches long by 31 feet eave height
  • Ash receiving: 55 feet wide by 60 feet long by 29 feet and 2 1/4 inches eave height
  • Load-out hall: 60 feet wide by 233 feet and 7 inches long by 27 feet low eave height
  • Loading dock: 40 feet wide by 42 inches long by 27 feet low eave height
  • Office: 30 feet wide by 120 feet long by 14 feet low eave height.


Materials Used

RMB - Rose Metal Buildings

Our team uses nothing less than the highest quality materials for all our recycling facility metal buildings, providing our clients with durability that lasts.

We erected six recycling facility buildings for the York County Ash Recycling Facility project, each comprising many robust mediums. Every structure features textured 20-gauge 2-inch-think insulated metal panels for energy efficiency, easy sanitation and environmental sustainability. We also installed full-height liner panels above a 4-foot-high wall.


Project Highlights

RMB - Rose Metal Buildings

Some of the key highlights of this recycling facility project include:

  • Varying eave heights ranging from 14 to 38 feet
  • Vertical rib standing seam roof
  • Overbuild slope
  • Insulated roof curbs
  • Floating curb support systems

Building Use

The purpose of the York County Ash Recycling Facility project was to provide our client with a series of individual metal buildings for their recycling facility. We responded to their needs by erecting six metal buildings totaling 73,820 square feet. These buildings are now used for industrial processing, ash storage and receiving, load management and office work.


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